Choose the Right Fun Places to Visit in The United States

You’d have to think in a country like the United States that there would be some very unusual things people would celebrate across the country. Many of these concern animals; we seem to have this peculiar fascination in general with animals, possibly because there are so many distinct species.

Let’s get this one started. Did you know that you wouldn’t have to go all the way to Spain to see the bulls running? We have our own running of the bulls, held in Mesquite, NV, in July every year. There are variations, of course, because after all, this is America. There are escape routes designed into the course so that when they get scared or are close to danger, people can bail out. If anyone has to make a fast escape, there’s also a fence that’s easily scalable. It’s typically well attended, which is great for an event held in the summer outside of Nevada.

Next we have the annual Roadkill Cook-off, held every September in Marlington, WV. Luckily, the participants do not have to go out and kill their own creatures, as nasty as it sounds, nor do they have to go pick something up from the side of the road. But using the types of animals that are normally found on the side of the road, they do have to cook something. Luckily, this does not involve house pets who by trying their luck with cars, reach their untimely demise.

As far as running with stuff is concerned, I’m sure you’ve seen a TV commercial where people run with squirrels. They have a festival every year in Louisville, KY that has people running with rodents. And not just any rodents, but rodents bred at the University of Spalding, which launched the festival in 1972. This one offers a bunch of events connected to rodents, as it’s part of the college’s week-long festival.

I hate bugs, so I’m not going to go to any of these ones. If you have children, they might enjoy going to Bugfest, a festival held every September in Raleigh, NC, or the annual Fire Ant Festival held in Marshall, TX every October. They might enjoy every July the Wooly Worm Festival held in Banner elk, NC, every October, or the Great Texas Mosquito Festival of Clute, TX.