Quick Review of Bryan Johnston Park

Bryan Johnston ParkThe Bryan Johnston Park in Salem, Oregon is an excellent park where the entire family can really relax and have fun. It’s a simple, vast, and clean neighborhood park that is open from morning until 8 o’clock in the evening and it has useful amenities that visitors can enjoy. The walking loops are great for walking or jogging and the way the loops interconnect with each other provides a new experience every time.

If you like playing with your kids, relatives, or friends, a lot of playground equipment and structures are in place for everyone to enjoy. There are slides, a merry-go-round, swings, and other fun play equipment. With the vast spaces and greens, you and your pals can easily play hide-and-seek or tag. The park also has a half-court basketball court. If you prefer to relax and have a quiet time, you can hang out at the picnic tables or you can put a blanket on the grass and relax while watching the sky. To keep the cleanliness in the park, it is well-maintained daily and a lot of trash bins are located around the park for the convenience of visitors.

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400 Mildred Ln SE, Salem, OR 97306